Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The UK has an outstanding reputation for excellence in education and training from the development and export of educational programmes and corporate training to further and higher education.

Education and training is not only a very important sector in its own right but is also important component in every other industry and professions, all require specialised education and training.

Indeed, the UK is a global leader in development partnerships between education and business to match the skills that industry need with the education and training.

The certified memberships are assessed by qualified assessors and externally verified. The assessments are aligned to UK professional standards.

The accredited centres are audited annually by qualified professionals from higher education institutions and national statutory bodies.

Certified Awards:
· Associate (Diploma level)
· Member (Bachelor degree level)
· Fellow (Master’s degree level)
· Doctorate (Doctorate degree level)
The certified awards are at par to British higher education awards.

Professional Qualifications:
· Standard Diplomas (Level 4)
· Advanced Diplomas (Level 5)
· Graduate Diplomas (Level 6)
· Postgraduate Diplomas (Level 7)
The validated professional qualifications are aligned to the UK Qualifications & Credit Framework.

Higher Education Awards:
· Master Diplomas (Level 7)
· Doctorate Diplomas (Level 8)
The higher education awards are aligned at par to British higher education awards and recognised by UNESCO-IAU listed university for dual awards.